When you arrive in Guernsey by air your first impression will be of a patchwork of small fields, glass houses (locally known as vineries) and buildings, from the sea it is the splendour of St. Peter Port and it's harbour that greet you. Either way it is only a glimpse of an Island with a long and eventful history, spectacular scenery, many beaches and a rich range of flora and fauna.
  Saints Bay
St Peter Port
Cliffs West Of Icart

Guernsey has a mild climate and spring comes early bringing a blaze of colour and scents to the hedgerows and cliffs, where many unusual plants thrive. Around Guernsey's coastline are 27 beaches each with its own character and appeal, where you can swim, explore the seashore, bird-watch or sunbathe. Some of the best ways to see the Island are on foot or by bicycle, you can easily discover the south coast cliffs, the flatter north of Guernsey or the historic town of St. Peter Port.

This delightful Island has been inhabited since prehistoric times and from then to the present day has fostered and developed its own identity, Guernsey has its own parliament, banknotes and local patois. Come and discover for yourselves, we can arrange travel from the U.K. and car hire at competitive rates, please ask for details.